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Chapter 105 represents U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations, Border Patrol and Air & Marine employees across the San Diego area covering six ports of entry as well as several satellite locations. We represent uniformed Officers, Agriculture Inspectors, and non-uniformed employees.

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Our team of dedicated union representatives are committed to ensuring that rights of all our employees be respected. To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.


Policies and Procedures your union fights for.

TSP Ends the Year with Two New Features

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) recently announced a new podcast with tips and advice for retirement investing and an enhanced online security feature.

‘The Real TSP!’ podcast is hosted by TSP educators, with each episode providing an in-depth look into your retirement investment plan and answering your critical questions.  Whether you’re brand new to the government, considering retirement or already there, the Real TSP! podcast promises a range of topics for employees in all stages of their federal careers. There are already two episodes on the basics of investing—including timing, choosing funds and risk tolerance—along with an episode explaining the new TSP withdrawal options that became available last month, at NTEU’s urging. 

Federal Employees On Edge Over Possible Shutdown

Washington D.C. – The possibility of setting a new government funding deadline for mid- or late-December is already creating shutdown anxiety in federal employee households around the country, said NTEU National President Tony Reardon.

Reports say congressional leaders are considering extending the current Nov. 21 deadline another few weeks to buy more time for the sensitive negotiations over agency funding levels. If those negotiations fail, there could be another holiday season shutdown, throwing hundreds of thousands of federal employees into financial peril, just like last year.


“Federal employees, like everyone else, are planning their family year-end celebrations and the thought that a government shutdown could ruin those plans is upsetting,” Reardon said. “Civil servants are not involved in the funding dispute yet they are the ones who suffer if it goes unresolved.”

NTEU Files Objections to OPM Rule Changes

Washington D.C. – Proposed rule changes from the Office of Personnel Management making it easier to undermine, punish and fire federal employees show just how far the administration will go to ignore Congress and write its own civil service laws, said Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union.

NTEU today filed extensive objections to the proposed OPM rules because they are not justified by data or research and would set the government on the path toward ruining its own professional, merit-based civil service.

“Like the executive orders that inspired them, these OPM rule changes clearly have but one goal: to gut due process and get rid of federal employees as fast as possible,” Reardon said. “And who benefits from a smaller, weaker government? Financial scam artists who don’t get caught by the SEC; polluters who don’t get caught by the EPA; tax cheats who don’t get caught by the IRS; and on and on.”

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