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Chapter 105 represents U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations, Border Patrol and Air & Marine employees across the San Diego area covering six ports of entry as well as several satellite locations.


We represent uniformed Officers, Agriculture Inspectors, and non-uniformed employees.


NTEU Defends Public Employees in Two Supreme Court Cases

WASHINGTON – The National Treasury Employees Union filed two briefs with the Supreme Court today, siding with a city employee who was a victim of sex discrimination and supporting the Securities and Exchange Commission’s ability to enforce securities laws and protect American investors. 

Although NTEU is not a party in either case, the union is weighing in with arguments to protect public employees in the workplace and preserve an enforcement tool that is essential to the work of frontline SEC employees, who are represented by NTEU. 

“Our union is proud to play a role in potentially groundbreaking Supreme Court cases that will impact federal employees for generations to come,” said NTEU National President Doreen Greenwald. “Whenever frontline workers are threatened with discrimination or attacks on their ability to carry out their agency’s mission, NTEU will stand in their defense.” 


NTEU Members Elect New National Leadership

DETROIT – Members of the National Treasury Employees Union today elected longtime federal employee and local union leader Doreen Greenwald as the next NTEU National President.   


Greenwald, 57, has been NTEU National Executive Vice President since 2021 and was unopposed in the election for the National President. She will replace outgoing National President Tony Reardon, who is retiring.  


“I know firsthand the challenges NTEU members face every day, the benefit of NTEU in the workplace and the fight it will take to ensure our union remains strong and our members are treated with the dignity and respect they have earned and deserve,” Greenwald said.  


Delegates to NTEU’s 59th National Convention in Detroit also elected Customs and Border Protection Officer Anand Muni as National Executive Vice President, the union’s second highest office.  


Muni, 44, has been a member of NTEU since 2009 and is now in his third term as president of Chapter 165 (CBP Oakland/San Francisco).  


Biden makes formal plans for 2024 federal pay raise

President Joe Biden has officially announced plans for a federal pay raise next year, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Most civilian employees on the General Schedule will, as expected, receive an average 5.2% pay raise in 2024, according to the alternative pay plan Biden submitted to congressional leaders Thursday afternoon.

The percentage accounts for a 4.7% across-the-board raise plus a 0.5% average locality pay adjustment, totaling a 5.2% federal pay raise.

Biden initially proposed a 5.2% average pay increase for federal employees as part of the fiscal 2024 budget request, but Thursday’s alternative pay plan is the first indication of the raise’s breakdown between a base pay increase and a locality pay adjustment.


Retiring NTEU president reflects on three decades in organized labor

After two four-year terms as national president of the National Treasury Employees Union and more than 30 years working for the labor group, Tony Reardon is calling it a career.

“I’m truly retiring,” he said. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re only 59 years old, what are you doing?’ But you know what, I say that I’m retiring, and in terms of work I am, but I’ll be doing some things I want to get involved in like political things. I’m not running for office or anything, but whether I can help with operational things there or giving speeches for people about their campaigns, that kind of thing.”

A third-generation labor leader, Reardon has guided NTEU through one of the more tumultuous times for labor and the federal workforce in recent memory. Although years of work as an employee of the union acclimated him to the to-and-fro of labor relations at federal agencies that often corresponds with changing administrations, the Trump and Biden administrations corresponded with an escalation of that phenomenon.

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Our team of dedicated union representatives are committed to ensuring that rights of all our employees be respected. To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.


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