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Chapter 105 represents U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations, Border Patrol and Air & Marine employees across the San Diego area covering six ports of entry as well as several satellite locations.


We represent uniformed Officers, Agriculture Inspectors, and non-uniformed employees.

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White House 2023 Budget Proposal Values Federal Employees and Their Work


Washington D.C. – President Biden’s plan to increase investments in federal agencies and employees is a recognition that the U.S. government and its workforce play an essential role in the health, security and prosperity of the American people.  

“The National Treasury Employees Union joins the White House in its belief that the federal government can accomplish great things if it is properly resourced,” said NTEU National President Tony Reardon. “Today’s budget proposal is a statement of confidence in our nation’s public servants and the incredibly important work they do.”  

The proposed fiscal year 2023 budget includes robust increases to agency operating budgets and an average 4.6 percent pay raise for federal employees. 


Reardon Testifies about Staffing Shortages at Ports of Entry

Washington D.C. – Persistent staffing shortages and the global pandemic are taking a toll on the frontline Customs and Border Protection employees who work at the nation’s ports of entry, NTEU National President Tony Reardon told Congress today. 



“Improving security, trade, and travel, and ensuring the safest possible working environment for CBP personnel at all ports of entry, including the nation’s seaports, are of paramount importance to our members, especially during the recent COVID-19 crisis,” Reardon said. 



Reardon testified before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation and Operations in a hearing to assess the state of America’s seaports. In many cases, workload at the seaports has increased while staffing levels have suffered.



Sen. Brown, Rep. Clyburn Address NTEU Members During Legislative Conference

Washington D.C. – The National Treasury Employees Union is hosting more than 350 union members at this year’s virtual Legislative Conference, where employees from around the country connect with their members of Congress about issues important to the federal workforce.
In today’s opening session, NTEU National President Tony Reardon announced the union’s 2022 legislative agenda: robust health and safety protocols in the workplace; adequate agency funding; safeguarding and enhancing employee benefits; protecting workplace rights; and a fair pay raise.
“Our legislative agenda is about building a federal workforce that works for America,” Reardon said. “When the government adheres to its longstanding principles of a non-partisan workforce built on merit and equal opportunities for all, every American citizen benefits.”
NTEU members also heard inspiring remarks from longtime labor supporters Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina, as well as many other members of Congress.


Covid-19 update

Plexi glass- This was a long struggle to accomplish anything. We went back and forth with the agency to provide some sort of barrier between our employees and the traveling public. The entire world is preaching social distance but obviously that is impossible due to the nature of our job. We inspect documents, we go “hands on”, we provide medical attention, it is an understatement to say we don’t social distance. Our only other form of protection is to create a barrier between us and the travelers. 

After many discussions with management, OSHA, CDC, and the Board of County Health we were able to get approval for plexiglass to be installed. The idea is to not just have something that is a barrier from being exposed, it’s to have another layer of protection from actual physical attacks from subjects intending harm to our employees. As many of you have seen we were successful and barriers have been installed at our ports providing the protection you deserve. 

FFCRA- An amazing achievement of NTEU was the Implementation of the FFCRA. It grants 80 hours of additional sick leave to employees effected by Covid-19. After reviewing this amendment of various emergency leave laws Chapter 105 took it a step further. Unfortunately this benefit expired on 01/01/2021 but we are continuing to fight to provide this protection throughout the rest of 2021

Hazard pay Grievance- NTEU brought the fight to CBP stating that the privilege of hazard pay should be forwarded to our officers due to our constant exposure. Our duties make it close to impossible to protect ourselves from Covid-19 exposure. Because of this fact our employees are placed in harm’s way daily. This should be enough to justify hazard pay but the agency disagrees. If the agency refuses to do what’s right, then NTEU will take action! On 05/29/2020 NTEU filed a Grievance to secure hazard pay for the employees that are being placed in harm’s way daily. 

Media: When the level of the fight changes so does the game plan. All the issues we have been dealing with have been coming from headquarters. Because these shortsighted decisions have been coming from such a high an level, we needed to make sure our employees are heard. Nationwide NTEU chapters have done 22 News interviews. Of these interviews Chapter 105 did 17. We were interviewed by such media outlets as CNN, NBC, Channel 10 News, Breitbart, law enforcement today, Telmundo, Univision, The Union Tribune, Congressional Times, KOGO 760 and many more. Just recently our success was realized when the Commissioner dropped a letter on addressing our Chapter directly. Days later Headquarters agreed to meet with NTEU in order to discuss our demands.     

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